My First Kaggle Competition

Posted on May 04, 2015 in Education, Training, and Certification

We are wrapping up the final week of MIT’s 15.071x “The Analytics Edge” course, delivered online via

As part of the course I participated in my first Kaggle competition. I finished in 1406th place out of 2923 people with a Private leaderboard score of 0.88319, down from a public leaderboard score of 0.91792.

The mean score for all submissions was 0.8551523, median 0.90237, with a standard deviation of 0.09301734.

Min.    1st Qu. Median  Mean    3rd Qu. Max.
0.2500  0.7945  0.9024  0.8552  0.9204  0.9455

Not a great result, but a great learning experience. Many of the top finishers are sharing their code so I look forward to reviewing what they did. It is interesting to see some of the dramatic shifts in the top tier finishers when going from the publicly available test data to the private test data set.

My code is here.

The red and blue lines below represent my final and public leaderboard scores respectively.

Kaggle Results