Platform and Data Operations Analyst

Posted on July 08, 2016 in At the office

In what was more than a bit of a surprise, I was “laterally promoted” to a new role with my employer, something I only found out less than 24 hours before it was announced to the department. I shall not complain. A bit of an odd way to go about things from a human resources perspective, but I’m very happy about my new position, and very excited about what lies ahead.

My somewhat nebulous new title is “Platform and Data Operations Analyst”. Good descriptors for what I will actually be doing include “cloud guy” and “putting the Ops in DevOps”. Having previously taken lead on some of our department’s cloud initiatives, I’m being given the chance to do cloud operations full-time. Which is bloody fantastic. But I think they should have put “Cloud” in front of “Platform”.

As the title suggests, there is also a data portion to this. I have been doing some very junior level work with our Data Services team for the past year or so, and I hope to continue doing more, though the details still need to be hammered out. It is possible my new position will lead me more toward ‘data engineering’, helping our data team leverage cloud-based data services. The door is certainly open for me to spend more of my time on data / analytics.