Linux Foundation Certified Engineer

Posted on April 17, 2018 in Education, Training, and Certification

Renewal time for my LFCS certification. The Linux Foundation will renew your LFCS certification for 2 years if you upgrade to the LFCE cert, so that’s what I did!

Linux Foundation Certified Engineer

AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate

Posted on August 26, 2016 in Education, Training, and Certification

Another certification in the bag. I wrote the AWS Associate level Solutions Architect exam today. I didn’t realize AWS certs are only good for 2 years. Sets a bit of a roadmap for my AWS certifications going forward. I got my Associate level SysOps cert in early 2015, so …

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Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator

Posted on May 05, 2016 in Education, Training, and Certification

I’ve been at this Unix and Linux systems management stuff for over 20 years now. As with my undergraduate degree1, I’ve long wanted to knock out a few relevant technology certifications. Following on from my AWS SysOps certification, I took and passed the Linux Foundation’s LFCS …

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AWS SysOps Administration - Associate

Posted on May 20, 2015 in Education, Training, and Certification

Last week I took the AWS SysOps Administrator - Associate test and passed with flying colours. Next step will be the Developer and then the DevOps certifications, both of which I hope to complete this year. I look forward to doing a lot more work in AWS in the future.

AWS SysOps Administrator -