The BMW Motorrad Club of Ottawa is developing an off-road skills program, and I was invited to participate in an initial trial run. Very basic off-road GS skills including leaning the bike on off-road surfaces, emergency stopping with reduced traction, hill climbs, etc. Nothing too challenging, except at the very end of the day when we rode a short bit of single track, which included a pretty gnarly (for beginners), steep, and rocky downhill section. I survived the descent, trusting the bike to do the right thing. As usual, the bike handled it with aplomb.

I’m no expert on knobby tires and don’t have the experience to make comparisons, but IMO my Anlas Capra-X tires performed admirably. Specific points I recall: hill climbs through loose stuff like leaves and beds of pine needles were no problem at all. Excellent stopping distance when emergency braking on soft ground and grass. Plenty of traction when bliping the throttle going over small obstacles.