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mark [AT] markdrummond [DOT] ca

I am a career IT systems analyst, specializing in cloud operations and identity systems, mainly Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, and Identity as a Service platform Auth0. I currently work full-time in digital identity and access management. My IT systems expertise, spanning over 22 years, is founded on Linux and Unix systems operations, TCP/IP networking and services, system & network security, identity & access management, and LDAP directory services.

I am also a part-time undergraduate student at Queen’s University, working on a B.A. in Economics with some designs on possibly doing the Economics M.A. program once I get this B.A. done.

I keep a somewhat up-to-date resume on this site. More details are available from my various online presences linked in the sidebar.

I’m an avid reader and gamer, and I love riding my motorcycle.

Pretentious Crap

I like story-driven immersive RPG and RPG-adjecent video games. Mass Effect (sit down Andromeda), Skyrim, the Witcher 3, and Bloodborne are my jam. Femshep is bestshep, don’t @ me. I am bouncy with excitement waiting for the remastered Demon’s Souls and the Elden Ring.

I like loud and fast music. Mostly metal. Lots of punk. Also stuff that would be metal if it was metal but isn’t metal. Old time folk, fiddles and accordians. Colter Wall and The Dead South are pretty metal as far as Country music goes.

I really really like my 2016 BMW R1200GS. If you could have only one motorcycle, this is it. It is a joy to ride, every .. single .. time.

I love the heat. Really don’t like the cold or Winter in general. I like my Winter where it belongs. On the slopes. I was in Phoenix in August for a course once. Glorious.

I “grew up” in Petawawa (Ontario), Lahr (Germany), and Chatham (New Brunswick). The Germany years were my formative years. There’s no education like spending four years living in a foreign country.

Here are some pretentious photos I took with my new iPhone SE 2020.