After almost 5 years I finally upgraded the saddle on my 2016 R1200GS. My GS is factory lowered, which means it also came with the factory “low” seat. Most people really do not like the stock BMW seats though this one has served me well. I’ve put about 60,000kms on the bike with this saddle, all in reasonable comfort. Could I have been more comfortable with an after-market saddle? Probably yes, but this has been fine. The way some people go on about the stock saddles you would think they were being tortured! Ymmv I suppose.

That said, I was unusually uncomfortable on our annual motorcycle tour this Summer. That probably had more to do with being out of shape, overweight, and having not ridden much this year rather than the stock saddle, but I decided to try out a new seat anyway.

I decided on a Sargent Cycle “World Sport Performance Plus Seat”, low version. I only got the front because I am planning to replace the pillion seat with a luggage rack. Maybe I should have got the pillion seat as well. Dunno. Maybe next year! I also did not get the heated version. I really don’t like the control unit for the heated seat. The latest R1250GS bikes have an OEM heated seat option, and the Sargent seat just uses that on those bikes, a much cleaner solution.

So how is it? So far so good. It has taken some getting used to. It feels far more like a “bench” than a “cushion” like the stock seat. I think that is good. My impression is I can sit on this thing for quite a bit longer than on the stock seat in perfect comfort. The true test will come with next year’s road trip, possibly a ride to Denver for the 2022 Identiverse conference.