Hands down the worst motorcycle I have ever been on. Almost literally 9 days of rain, fog, and cold. Don’t let the cheerier photos below fool you. They were but mere moments of respite from the vengeful skies.

Starting off on the wrong foot, I left Kingston on the day our trip rather than going to Richmond Hill the day before. My usual crew is in Richmond Hill so, depending on where we are going they either have to come to Kingston, or I have to go there. With a 9AM scheduled departure I had to leave Kingston at around 6AM and I was in for an 840km day, my longest single day to date.

It rained. But the day ended on a decent note.

Woke up to rain, and it did not let up. Rain and fog all day, coupled with the surprisingly twisty ride from Thessalon to Terrace Bay. That’s me up there in the fog. This was pretty much all day every day.

Good Times

There were some good moments though.

Actually Good Times

Day 3 was more of the same. The weather let up by the time we got to Ignace and we enjoyed some sunshine on the lake.


At least until an absolute monster of a storm rolled across the lake right at us. Howling winds, torrential rains, a 10 - 15C drop in temperature. Decent sunset after the storm though.


Oh right, this is when I discovered the nail in my tire.


We were supposed to head to Pickle Lake the next day. Instead my buddy and I backtracked to Thunder Bay to have the tire patched at ???. My buddies In-laws were with us on this trip, driving their “chase truck” so they continued on to Pickle Lake with my buddy’s Wife. Of course, a massive storm rolled in while we were at the shop and dumped on us more of the way back to Ignace. It did break about 2/3rds of the way back and we had another decent lakeside sunset.


Finally off to Pickle Lake. When we arrived it was cloudly and the wind rolling across the lake directly at us was absolutely brutal. The Pickle Lake Hotel has a fun little Tiki patio on the water. That was supposed to be our break, but nothing doing. We were holed up inside.

Pickle Lake

That’s a deceptive picture. It’s damn cold and windy.

Leaving the next morning it was windy and colder still. More of the same. Cold, rain, wind, and it stayed that way until our last day.

Riding home from Kirkland Lake it finally warmed up and we had a decent day. I decided to pull another long haul and rode all the way back to Kingston.

3/10 would not recommend.