I did a one day off-road skills training event with Claude Gagné of Académie Ridaventure (not to be confused, I think, with the ridaventure.ca forums) organized through Ottawa Motorrad / Ottawa Goodtime Centre. This event was significantly more “hardcore” vs. the event from the previous weekend. All “level 1 GS” content but included forest single track on slippery / muddy trails and a dirt bike track with both deep sand and deep mud sections.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a novice with no experience with other off-road tires, but I was very happy with the results. There was much falling down but I never got stuck. Fell over in the deep mud and deep sand but powered out of both no problem. Likewise on a hill climb with deep sand. Just gave it the beans and away I went. Front wheel tracked very well, rear had a tons of traction under all conditions.

And my new Touratech crash bars have been thoroughly tested and passed with flying colours.

The guy in the first photo is not me … someone helping me pick the beast up.