It’s a learning process.

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I had it in mind to switch to the 1B program from “The Barbell Prescription”, since my lower back was so sore after my deadlifts in the last workout. This would introduce alternating days of deadlifts and power cleans.

How do you know when to progress from 1A to 1B? This is determined by recovery. When you can no longer adequately recover from one workout to the next, you move from 1A to 1B to increase the recovery time between deadlift sessions. Of course, that just leads one to ask what “adequeately recover” means!

I ended up cutting my workout short and skipping the power cleans altogether. In part because my back was still quite sore from the previous deadlifts and in part because my brother was in town and we were going to meet for dinner. I resolved to let my back rest, reset, and begin again.