Week 1 on the 1A program, redux.

50kg 40kg 60kg

After 5 days off to let my back fully recover, I am starting again. I spent the off time studying technique, in particular the 5-step deadlift setup.

All good. +5 squat, +10 deadlift.

A first attempt at recording some lifts. The most obvious issue is the same problem I always have, my weight shifting forward as I get to the bottom of the squat. The bar path is obviously coming forward, sometimes quite a bit, and you can see my left heel lifting slightly, or at least my weight obviously shifting to the ball of the foot.

It’s not clear to me what the root cause is here. I might be going too low in some cases. I have no trouble going well below parallel and have done so for some time, which is something I need to fix. Something you can’t see in the video: I have a tendancy to shift my weight somewhat over to my right foot in the bottom of the squat, especially if I go well below parallel. My left ankle is less flexible than my right, and I have a slight scoliosis which makes me a bit lop-sided at the best of times.

I also suspect that my experiences with back spasms are involved. As I get to the bottom of the squat I think I am unconciously letting my knees come forward to minimize any rounding of the lower back, which I associate with my back spams episodes.

In any case, I need to stop going lower than I need to, and I need to work on keeping the bar over my mid foot.