This session was a bit rough. Not the weights, which are still very light, but everything else was kind of off, especially during my squats and presses. Deadlift was ok.

85kg 40kg 105kg

My left shoulder was giving a ton of grief during this session. Not an uncommon problem but some workouts it is fine and others I get lots of discomfort bordering on pain up around the top of the gleno-humeral joint and / or the AC joint. I assume I an just doing something wrong on the days it is bothering me.

Other than the shoulder, everything just felt off. Joints were sore, I didn’t feel strong, I felt uncoordinated, etc.

The press was no better.

The deadlift was ok. I felt a bit off and tired but the lift was not hard.

Old habits are creeping in. All the above is quite likely because I was up late playing The Witcher 3 the last three nights in a row.