Double-plus good.

193.8lbs 98cm 90kg 51kg 110kg

I did not bother recording this session. I wanted to concentrate on getting the workout done with hopefully little to no shoulder problems, or at lease focus on trying to figure out what / when / how my shoulder gets all bent out of shape.

The result was Great Success!

Great Success!

The squats felt good. Shoulder was ok. Confession: Last workout I moved my hands out a bit further on the bar than usual thinking that might help with getting into the low bar position. I should have known better. I mean, I know enough to know better. Brought my hands back in closer where they usually are and the result was a much more comfortable position. +5kg.

Bench press was ok. My bench is weak as hell but then it never was very strong. +2kg.

The deadlifts felt great. I might actually be back to a weight that results in some soreness tomorrow and Sunday, which means I may need to switch to the 1B program in the next week or two. +5kg.

That wraps up week 3 on the 1A program.