I was uncertain but I didn’t need to be.

196.6lbs 96cm 95kg 42kg 115kg

Squats were good, though I seemed to have more trouble getting into the low bar position this time. +5kg.

Press was moving quickly but it sure felt like heavy work. Expecting to be sore tomorrow. +2kg.

I was a bit leery going into the deadlifts. Once again my low back was tired / stressed going into the last warmup set and the work set. But in the end it went up pretty quick, though I did take a little pause on the last one. I find my belt shifts into a weird position when I’m deadlifting. That said, there’d be no harm in dialing back my increments and / or switching to the 1B program. It’s not a race. We’ll see how I feel tomorrow and Wednesday. Maybe +5kg or maybe:

  • dial back squat to +2kg,
  • switch to the 1B program and do power cleans on Wednesday,
  • keep the deadlifts at +5kg for another 2 - 3 workouts.