Bail and fail.

?? ?? 100kg 56kg 120kg

I took my motorcycle into my dealer in Ottawa for Winter storage yesterday and was home a bit late so moved this workout to today.

In general I felt like crap. Just general malaise, achy joints, feeling off, etc. I probably should have popped a naproxen before the workout. I didn’t do a lot of riding this season, save my trip to Pickle Lake. So I might have been a bit sore from the motorcycle ride. Dunno.

Squats were wobbly. I tend to twist to the right on the way down. Need to actively fight that else it imparts some unhelpful momentum in the bar.

Deadlifts were ok to 114kgs, but I bailed after two reps at 120kg. Pretty sure this was mostly psychological, “expecting” my back to fail.

I’m going to skip workout 3 this week, reset and start again on Monday. Think I’ll switch to program 1B now, alternating between deadlifts and power cleans. I’m 49. This isn’t a race. Slow and steady progress is the prescription. Training continues.