The Viking Tour - Day 2

Posted on August 04, 2018 in Motorcycle Travel & Touring

Saint-Jean-Port-Joli to Moncton

Distance traveled (approximate): 640kms

From Saint-Jean-Port-Joli we made our way to Moncton. The ride between Quebec City area all the way into New Brunswick is gorgeous. I kinda regret not taking my GoPro, but video logging a motorcycle trip is a pile of work. This first picture is from shortly after we rode into New Brunswick. It was bit damp, but that’s what the Gore-Tex is for. That’s me up front.

Trans-Canada Highway in New Brunswick

The Amsterdam Inn & Suites was another winner. After 600+ kilometers of riding, it’s pretty satisfying to pull up right in front of the door to a clean and comfortable room for the night.

The Amsterdam Inn & Suites