The Viking Tour - Day 3

Posted on August 05, 2018 in Motorcycle Travel & Touring

Moncton to the North Sydney Ferry Terminal.

Distance traveled (approximate): 481kms

The Nova Scotia Border

After getting to Cape Breton, about half way to North Sydney is Big Spruce Brewing, a small local brewery high on a hill overlooking the water. Well worth the visit. I don’t really have a decent picture that doesn’t include my travelling companions, and I don’t post pictures of them! The next photo is on our way “down” into North Sydney.

The Descent into North Sydney

In line for the ferry to Channel-Port aux Basques. We took an overnight ferry, which turned out to be a huge mistake!

Waiting in line for the ferry

It me! We were up in the premium seating, but in seats nonetheless (there were no berths available). Needless to say, sleep was fitful at best, part of the reason an overnight ferry turned out to be a terrible idea. A long day on a motorcycle after a crap sleep is not recommended.

These seats are crap