How do I keep my deadlifts ahead of my squat?

196.8lbs 96cm 94kg 44kg 52kg

All good, though I can tell I haven’t power cleaned much in a while. Got tired and lazy fast.

Typically your deadlift should be in the area of 50 - 100lbs (~22 - 45kg) heavier than your squat. There’s obviously a lot of variables involved but that is a common range. As of today my deadlift is only 6kg ahead of my squat, which is almost certainly too light. So how do I open that gap when I am squatting 6X every two week and deadlifting 3X every two weeks?

My deadlift increment needs to be 2X my squat increment to maintain the 6kg gap, and >2X to open that gap. So going into next week I might do something like: maintain +2kg on the squats and +5kg on the deadlift until I fail the deadlift again. Then drop to +1 on squats and anything > +2 on the deadlift until I get to a reasonable gap.

And again, it’s not a race. Drop to +1kg increments across the board if needed. Over the course of 20 weeks that’s still an extra 60kg on my squat and 30kg on everything else, which would put me into old training weights and even PR territory.